Home Hypnosis Parties

Have you ever wondered what hypnosis feels like?

Are you interested in experiencing hypnosis, but don’t feel ready to pay for a full session yet?

Do you wish to try hypnosis for fun, without any deep therapy?

Would you prefer to do it in the comfort of your own home, with a group of friends?

Would you like to meet a fully qualified and insured clinical hypnotherapist, learn more about hypnosis and ask any questions you have beforehand?

If so, then these parties are right for you

What is a Home Hypnosis Party?

You can now experience hypnosis in the comfort of your own home

Just invite a few friends, neighbours, family members, or co-workers who, like you, are interested in trying hypnosis “for fun.”

As a thank you from me, the hostess/host gets her/his hypnosis session FREE.

Each participant can then choose one of the following hypnotic themes:

– Stress Release/Relaxation
– Confidence and Performance


What to Expect?

The first part of the evening will consist of a presentation on hypnosis, its benefits, and what to expect from a hypnosis session. Your group will then have the opportunity to get all your questions answered.

During the evening, one by one, I will conduct mini hypnosis sessions on each person individually, in a separate room, whilst the rest of the group are able to snack, socialize, and share impressions in the lounge/living room.

As opposed to a regular hypnotherapy session usually priced at £50 to £60 per session*, the mini session cost is only £20 per person for up to 8 people maximum.  Each mini session will last approx. 10 to 15 minutes; depending upon time and the number of participants

Please note this is NOT a group session, I will see each of you individually for a 1 to 1 hypnosis session, just like the real thing.

For the avoidance of doubt, these parties are open to both women and men alike; all I ask is that all participants are aged 18 and over, open minded and keen to be hypnotised.

Having experienced the mini session, if you then decide to book a full session with me at a later date; I will discount the full price of that session by £20, so effectively you’ll get the home hypnosis party session for free.

Why not visit our Facebook page and see the posts and more importantly, the positive testimonials from people who have attended one of these parties.  To view, CLICK HERE

What Next?

If you live in the Durham Teesside Valley area and are interested in holding a Home Hypnosis Party, please complete the “Contact Us” form and I’ll be in touch to agree a date and time that suits you.


*Stop smoking hypnosis sessions and weight loss hypnosis sessions cost more than this