Code of Conduct

  • To conduct all my dealings with you with absolute dignity, respect, Honesty, confidentiality, and as an equal
  • Always to conduct myself with integrity, responsibility and accountability
  • Always to attend meetings on time
  • Always be prepared for your therapy session
  • To treat all information discussed with you or written to you with confidentiality: I will not divulge any part thereof to any third party, according to the Data Protection Act 1974/98 amendments (excluding the police or legal body)
  • To be committed to both the spirit and the letter of any agreements made with you
  • Not to defraud, misrepresent, deceive or mislead you
  • To share with you all my knowledge, skills, expertise and experience where appropriate and I deem necessary
  • To challenge any self-deceptions that hinder your progress towards your ultimate goals
  • To give you all the assistance, help, support, encouragement and guidance possible to fulfill your agreed goals and objectives

Payment & Refund Policy

For new clients I always need payment in advance to confirm your booking; this is normally paid by BACS.

If for whatever reason you cannot attend the appointment, as long as you give at least 24 hours notice you can re arrange the appointment for another time, at no extra cost.

If you call to re arrange on the day of your appointment, or simply do not attend the appointment, the session fee will not be refunded as it is not possible for me to fill your appointment slot at such short notice, or no notice at all.